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7th Annual 2018 Darralict's Retreat - CD Set

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7th Annual Darralict's Retreat AT- Las Vegas, Nevada - 06/01-06/03-2018 Complete CD set 

Sponsorship with Steve M., Zac R., Ken R., Lesel W., & Mark L.
Traditions with Chris B., Mike S., Mari G., & Clancy I.
Struggling with Jerry S., Chris H., Don G., Jerry E., & Craig C.
Gossip with Jon B., Cody P., Aaron S., Jeff C.,  & Ray S.
Mike S., Mari G., & Clancy I.
Intimacy vs Sex with Jenn K., Henry M., Rob H., Mike P., & Tom N.
Secrets vs Transparency with Leslie B., Darren D., Kent D., Patrick S., & Jim S.

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