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29th Annual Fellowship of the Spirit-COLORADO-Complete FD set Flash Drive

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Product ID - :2021FOTSCO FD Flash Drive
29th Annual Fellowship of the Spirit Complete 2021 FD Set (Flash Drive)
 Set - Includes:
Steps 1 through 12 

1st Step with Sarah M.,  Dana B. (AFG), Tom U. 
2nd Step with Kim L.(AFG), Mark M., Nikki G.
Tom S. From Berthoud, Colorado
3rd Step with Aaron M., Rick R.(AFG), Devin C.
4th & 5th Steps with Derick M., Dallas,(AFG), Brenden, Jack (AFG),   
6th & 7th Steps with Jason T., Regina R.,(AFG), Scott S.
8th & 9th Steps with Janet B., Chris N. (AFG), Kate 
Sue M. (AFG) From-Fredrick, Colorado
Mickey & Marie M. - FOTS Spiritual Journey
10th Step  with Brad T., Tom B.(AFG), Kate R.
Jeff G., From-Dallas, Texas  
11th Step with Quennell S., Yolanda A.(AFG), Beth P.
12th Step with Jason G., Mary (AFG), Danno 
Astrid H. From-Los Angeles, California
Ten Min. Speakers with Kirk Z., Linda S.(AFG), Abby H., Amy G., Scott P.
Ricky C. From-Seattle, Washington

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