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28th Annual Fellowship of the Spirit-COLORADO-Complete DL set (Down Load)

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Product ID - :2020FOTSCO DL Set (Down Load)
28th Annual Fellowship of the Spirit Complete 2020 DL Set (Down Load) emailed
 Set - Includes:
Steps 1 through 12 

1st Step with Frederick J.,  Sabrina W. (AFG), Chandra McL. 
2nd and 3rd Steps with Linda H., Amanda H.(AFG)-Australia, Sarah F. Marie M.(AFG) Adam F.
Don S. From Westminster, Colorado
4th Step with Michael M., Kevin K., Zach M. (AFG), Raana S.  
Jack C. (Al-Anon) From Sylmar, California
5th & 6th StepsJennifer L., Amy L., Audrey M., Jeff P., Joshy G.,(AFG)
7th & 8th Steps Emily P., Susan A. (AFG), Jeff G., Glen E., Susan B. 
Ericka M. From-Cedar Rapids, Iowa
9th Step with Brent P., Chelsey B.(AFG), Mark M., Kareem B. 
10th Step  with Hope N-R., Ricky C., Kelli G., Kate R.  
11th Step with Robert R., Jeff J., Lindsey F., David H.
Terry M. From-Gilbert, Arizona
12th Step with Kyle McL., Chris W., Claire D., (AFG) 
Beth P. From-Woodland Park, Colorado

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