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2019 12th Fellowship of the Spirit UTAH Complete CD Set

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12th Annual Fellowship of the Spirit UTAH Park City, Utah  10/04, 05, 06/2019   Complete CD Set

Step 1  Robyn L, Veronica-AFG, Brent S.
Step 2  And H., Julie PD., Jose R. 
Step 3  Emily H.-AFG, Shelly R., Amy H.
Carlie S. & Cherise R. From Park City, Utah   Alateen & Al-Anon
Steps 4 & 5  Cherie T., Dave W., Nancy W.-AFG, 
Steps 6 & 7  Shelley E., Dave M., Dresden-AFG
Betty H. From Salt Lake City, Utah
Steps 8 & 9  Adam L.-AFG, Don L., James T. 
Steps 10 & 11 Tommy C., Manny M.-AFG
Don Landis From Bellingham, Washington
Chuck R., (AFG) From Las Vegas, Nevada
Steps 12  Janet M., Marty M., Kelly M. AFG
James T. From Auburn, California

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