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2018 Fellowship of the Spirit UTAH Complete CD Set

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11th Annual Fellowship of the Spirit UTAH Park City, Utah; 10/05/2018 - 10/07/2018 

Step 1  With Tonya O.(AFG), Mark S., Larry H.
Step 2  With Diane B., Michael G. (AFG), Arch W.
Step 3  With Terry G., Casey T., Derek T. (AFG)
Steps 4 & 5  With Becky C., Alishia F. (AFG), Meagan S.
Steps 6 & 7  With Craig M., Adrian A., Adam L. (AFG)
Steps 8 & 9  With Larry T., Debbie D., Steve L. (AFG) 
Steps 10 & 11 Allen M., John B., Chuck R. (AFG) 
Chuck R., (AFG) From Las Vegas, Nevada
Brent S.  From Bountiful, Utah
Larry T. From Lakewood, California
Steps 12  With Laurie A., Todd G. (AFG), Troy J. 
Debbie D.  From Concord, California

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