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2017 ASCYPAA Complete CD Set

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2017 ASCYPAA  AT-Glendale, Arizona 06/30/2017 - 07/01/2017

"Creating the Fellowship You Crave"  With Kelly & Dave 
"Safety in Sobriety"  With Steve & Chelsie
"Traditions & Concepts"  With Josh & Kendra 
"Service workshop with Advisory"  With Various Advisories
Ben W. & Reggie T.  From Tucson, Arizona
"For the Newcomer"  With Parker H. & John B. 
"General Service"  With Mare & Ray
"Tragedy in Sobriety"  With Joseph C. & Jetti J.
"Treatment"  With Mitch H. & Nate M.
"Men's Emotional Sobriety"  With Bryan C. & Alex B.
"Women's Emotional Sobriety"  With Molly C. & Meghan M.
"We Agnostics"  With James W. & John H. 
"LGBTQ"  With Hayley & Dominic 
"Sponsorship"  With Serena & Susie 
"Young Old Timers"  with Cheyanne & Sophia 
"Relationships in Sobriety"  with Syd & Dave B.
"AA in Remote Communities"  With Earl A. & Cory O.
Noreen L. & Erika W.  From Phoenix, Arizona & Portland, Oregon 
Alonzo C.  From Tucson, Arizona 

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