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2015 Delegates Reunion CD Set

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Product ID - :2015 Delegates Reunion CD Set
30th Annual Delegates' CD Set. At-Atlanta, Georgia- Georgia Tech Hotel & Conference Centre. 06/30/2015 - 07/01/2015. Reunion "Early Bird Meting" with George B & others. 06/30/2015. Life After Rotation - With Terry F., Murry McI., Robin Fewings, Linda Chezem and Past Class A Trustee-Dolores C. 06/30/2015. AA From A Global Perspective- With Willie MacD., Fernando P., w/translator Lee W. and Paul J. Mathias P., Pravesh A., and Michel G. 06/30/2015. Business Meeting (Chair-Marita R.) 07/01/2015 Memorial Meeting (Chair-Ruth J.) 07/01/2015 What's on Your Mind (Chair-Larry N.) 07/01/2015 Jane C. and Bob M. -7/01/2015

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