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19th Annual Fellowship of the Spirit WEST Complete CD Set

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Product ID - :2019 FOTS WEST CD Set
19th Annual Fellowship of the Spirit-WEST, Complete CD Set   AT-Sierra Madre, California  08/30-31/09/01/2019

CD Set Includes:

Chandra M. From Denver, Colorado
Step 1 - with Valerie-AA, Judith-NA, Linda-AFG
Step 2 & 3 - with Kurt Z From Los Angeles, California
Step 4 & 5 - with Clara V., Eric S., & Fredrick J. 
Steps 6 & 7 - with Sheldon W. From Santa Monica, California
Steps 8 & 9 - with Kyle M, Parker, & Shelly K. 
Steps 10 & 11- with Mike M., From Santa Monica, California
Traditions 1-6 with Dano G., Penn S.From Los Angeles, California
Traditions 7-12 with Dano G., Penn S., From Los Angeles, California
Lyle P. From Stonebridge, Georgia
Don C. From Colorado Springs, Colorado

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