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9th Annual 2021 Darralict's Retreat - Flash Drive

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9th Annual Darralict's Retreat AT- Las Vegas, Nevada - June 4, 5 & 6, 2021       Complete Flash Drive

Paul M. From Rockaway, New York  06/04/2021
"How can Tradition 10 Long form help with the 3rd decision?"   with-Kent D., Jim Allen., Bob D., Bruce I. 06/05/2021
"Our Actions and Our example verses our Words " with-Al J., Michael C., Chris B., Bill S., 06/05/2021
"How can Money, Property, Sex Relationships and Prestige divert us from Our Real Primary Purpose?" with-Henry M., Mike M., Jon B., Zac R.   06/05/2021
"Gossip and The 1st Tradition?"  with Lisel W., Maureen H., Mike M., Doug F.    06/05/2021
"The Three Legacys" with Paul M., Marilyn S., Mike S.      06/05/2021
"Surviving Our Mistakes and Making Useful in Sobriety in Helping Others" with Mark L., Marc S., Tad F., Craig C.       06/06/2021
"Sponsorship with Q and A"  with Paul M., Marilyn S., Mike S.,  06/06/2021

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