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6th Annual 2017 Darralict's Retreat - CD Set

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6th Annual Darralict's Retreat AT- Las Vegas, Nevada - 06/02 -04, 2017  Complete CD set 


Bob D.  From Las Vegas, Nevada
Freedom Thru Transparency with David D., Mike P., Chris H., Joe A. & Don G.
Paul McQ & Steve Lee
Gossip with Zac R., Chris B., Jon B., Maureen H. & Craig C. (Character & Group Unity Assassination)
Spiritual Principles in Work with Bill S., Ray S., Mark L., Henri M. & Dawson H. (Principles in Work and Business )
Paul McQ.  From Rockaway Beach, New York
Sex, Relationships & the 12 Traditions with Dan F., Aaron S., Jim S., Leslie B & Nick O.
Singleness of Purpose with Dave H., Chris B., Jeff C., Sheldon F. & Rick H. (3rd Tradition: A Desire to Stop Drinking)

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