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2017 Fellowship of the Spirit UTAH Complete CD Set

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10th Annual Fellowship of the Spirit UTAH Park City, Utah; 10/06/2017 - 10/08/2017 

Step 1  With Kevin H., Alicia P. & Eric J. (AFG)
Step 2  With Erin J., Deanna P. (AFG), Dave M.
Step 3  With Kent C., Dan N. (AFG) & Shanna L.
Larcine G. (Al-Anon)
Steps 4 & 5  With Kathy C. (AFG), Brent A. & Bob D.
Steps 6 & 7  With Laurie B. (AFG), Kathy M. & Shawn M.
Laurie A.  From Salt Lake City, Utah
Steps 8 & 9  With Lynn G., Ben H. & Bob H. (AFG) 
Steps 10 & 11  Hans A., Clinton B. (AFG) & Mary Jo M.
Traditions  With Jacque B. (AFG) & Jason J. 
Bob D.  From Las Vegas, Nevada 
Steps 12  With Kim K., Tiffany M. (AFG) & Becky C.
Kent C.  From Sandusky, Ohio

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