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2016 Delegates Reunion CD Set

2016 Delegates Reunion CD Set

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31st Annual Delegates' CD Set. At-Toronto, Ontario, Canada- Toronto Airport Corp. Centre.  06/24-26/2016 

Presentations:  Jim D.- 35/47, Joanne Mc C.- 30/50, Tom McM.- 46/68 & Jenannie H.- 65/85
Business Meeting:  Chair: Bob W. - 46/78, Doug G.- 53/06, Lee W.- 58/07 and Murray McI.- 49/85
Memorial Meeting: Chair: Bob W.- 46/78.  
Past Trustees Panel:  Moderator: Lee W.- 58/07 with Ruth J., Murray McI., JoAnne L. & Kuniko I.
Ask it Basket, "What's on Your Mind?"  Chair:  Lee W.- 58/07
Speaker Meeting:  Chair:  Bob W., with JoAnne L., Bob M., Doug G. & Irma V.
"Life After Rotation"  Moderator:  Ruth J.- 29/42 with Lee W.-58/07, Luc R.-56/87, Joan M.-51/42 & Roy R.-53/83
"What's on Your Mind?"  Chair:  Bob W.- 46/78

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