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2016 ASCYPAA Complete CD Set

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2016 ASCYPAA  AT-Glendale, Arizona  07/01/2016 - 07/03/2016
Complete 15 CD Set Includes:  "Boundaries"  With Erin, Carl & Samantha 
"12 Steps in Relationships"  Chairs- Lois and Gary L. - (Steps 1-3) Larry & Maria S., (Steps 4-6) Dee & Angela P., (Steps 7-9) Gary & Lois, (Steps 10-12) Frank and Zee T.
"Singleness of Purpose"  With Gary, Dan & Jeremy
"Traditions and Concepts"  Chairs-Leslie W., Ronnie M. (Trad.1-6)  Paul T. (Trad.7-12)  Maggie K. (Concepts 1-6) Dennis D. (Concepts 7-12) 
"Sobriety & Social Media"  With Rachel, Jesse and Meghan
Jim B.  From Phoenix, Arizona
Candice M.  From Long Beach, California 
"Upon Awakening"  With Tommy, Zack and Joey
"Sponsorship"  With Tracey M., Leslie W., Tom C., Ronnie M. and Thomas L.
"General Service"  Chair-Jeff S.  Raena Q. (Intergroup), Ginger B. (GS), Dave T. (Dist.) and Kevin F. (Area) 
"H & I"  With Shawna D., Sara V., Lucus F. and Bryan R.
Lindsey S.  From Phoenix, Arizona
Patt O.  From Mission Viejo, California 
Rod B.  From Salt Lake City, Utah

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