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1st Annual Fellowship of the Spirit Arizona CD Set

Product ID - 2015FOTSAZCDSet
1st Annual Fellowship of the Spirit Arizona CD Set
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1st Annual Fellowship of the Spirit Arizona CD Set - January 23rd, 24th and 25th 2015; Sedona, Arizona at Poco Diablo Resort. 13 Complete CD Set includes: 1st Step with Herb E., Tom N. and Jamie R.; 2nd Step with Dan S., Delphia., and Rob C.; 3rd Step with Larry S., Nicki G. and Bill D.; 4th & 5th Steps with Jerry E., Corrie L. (AFG) and Mary B.; Howard P. From Gilbert, AZ;  6th & 7th Step with Jay S., Jason G. and Adelle S.; 8th & 9th Steps with Shane B., Ginny N. (AFG) and Kurt Z.; Jerry E. From Manhattan, KS;  10th & 11th Steps with Howard P., Aimy C. (AFG) and Herb K.; Michele D (AFG) From San Antonio, TX;  Larry S. From Atlanta, GA; 12th Step with Nicole W., Danny D. and Jim J.; Polly P. From Jacksonville, FL
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